Hellada Out from the EU!

The vocabulary:

Hellin = a Greek man
Hellina = a Greek woman
Hellada = Greece
Hellinic = Greek adj.

Hellada Out from the Union!


On 2012-10-09 the Chancellor of Doychland, Angela Merkel, visited the state of Hellada with the official state visit.
During that visit of chancellor Merkel to Hellada, the citizens of Hellada, the people of Hellada, the Hellines prepared and performed in the streets of Hellada some massive, big demonstrations of some very strong anti-Doych message, symbolism, significance. The Hellines demonstrated some offensive behavior towards the chancellor Merkel and the Doych people.

The massively gathered Hellines protesting in the streets of Hellada, DID NOT criticize chancellor Merkel for being a CHRISTIAN, nor DEMOCRATIC, nor CAPITALISTIC politician or leader. The Hellines criticized Merkel for one interesting reason - for being DOYCH, GERMAN.




Some opinions and messages from the democracy loving people of Hellada to the Barbarian Angela Merkel:
"Merkel raus!! = "Merkel beat it! get out!"
"Get out of our country, bitch!"

There is a saying:

Do not bite the hand that feeds you!
One should not bite the hand that gives one food to eat.

I generally strongly support the right of self determination for the people and for the nations!

Hellines=Greeks hate the Germanic nations and hate and treat with contempt the other nations of Europe.
Hellines=Greeks are very arrogant and egocentric about themselves. They name us, Albaryans, us, the Baltic/Venedic, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic people with contempt - "Barbaroi", the "Barbarians".

So be it! Let Hellines and Hellada go! Let them leave the EU and rule THEMSELVES!

Freedom for Hellada!

If the proud and self-loving Hellines would ever want some kind of Union with any other "Barbarian" nation, then there are some options for them.
Let the Hellines create the Hellinic Union!

As far as I know the Turks want so desperately to join "the Union"…
So be it! Let Hellada form another and "better" Union with Turkey, Cyprus, Shkiperia, Macedonia, Hrovatia, Serbia, Bosnia, those typical "nations full of the nationalistic hate" towards "the others"!

Let them form some new and much better political Union - The German-free Union!

Let them be happy! They deserve it!

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